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Abrasive & Glass Bead Blasting of Special Architectural Components

Abrasive & Glass Bead Blasting of Special Architectural Components
Abrasive & Glass Bead Blasting of Special Architectural Components

As a full service provider of abrasive and glass bead blasting, Aamro provides specialized surface treatments for a wide range of customers and applications. Over the years we have worked on a number of special projects that set us apart from the average job shop. This flexibility and creative use of abrasive blasting processes have allowed us to provide our services to clients such as artists, designers and architects.

These projects are often high profile and very specialized, requiring stringent quality and attention to detail. Some examples include the Harry Caray statue shown here. We provided abrasive blasting to remove casting scale prior to its finishing and installation at Wrigley Field. We've worked with a number of local artists developing surface treatments for their sculptures and other installations. We provided glass bead blasted for the stainless steel panels installed in a high end retail store on Michigan Avenue, as well as the façade for the US Railroad Board Federal Building on Rush Street. We have helped with restoration projects at many architecturally significant buildings - from the refinishing of railings and radiators to the restoration of lighting and hardware components.

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Highlights of these Abrasive & Glass Bead Blast Projects

Abrasive & Glass Bead Blast Capabilities Applied/Processes
Abrasive Blast / Glass Bead Blast

Overall Part Dimensions
Product Length: Up to 30 feet
Material Cleaned
Steel and Stainless Steel
Weldments, sheet forms, castings, vintage lamp posts and other architectural components
Material Finish
Apply a glass bead finish to stainless steel, remove paint and rust, surface prep prior to plating or painting, apply a frosted finish to plastic sheets, remove scale from bronze castings, and burnish decorative bronze castings and component parts.
In process testing/inspection performed
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Restoration, Architecture, Design, Fine Arts
One time to repeated volume
Delivery Location
Broadview, Illinois
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Special Projects
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